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Preferences - May 11

A few days ago a friend mentioned Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah," and some of the various artists who had recorded the piece. At the time, I didn't have tome to go looking. But tonight I did. A video of Leonard Cohen doing the piece is here, and you'll find links to other artists on that page. I'm still working my way through them.

I love the Internet for making such things possible. This is the stay-home version of going to the local audio/video store and checking out the samples.

Not surprisingly, I am preferring the versions I've heard that have piano accompaniment. There are some good guitar ones, but I'm almost always going to choose the piano versions. I realized this about myself about ten years ago, in discussing two different versions of a Bob Dylan song with a friend.

I had one of those deep-down-in-my-soul responses to one version, and wanted to listen to it much more than to the other. My friend thought perhaps I preferred one singer to the other, but I knew I liked both of them about equally on other songs. But after listening to both versions a few more times, I realized what was really the big deal for me was the piano accompaniment on the version I liked better.

Of course, years and years of piano playing may have a little something to do with that...

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