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May 2007

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Weather Report - May 9

I needed to run errands today. While I was doing the pre-errand things, I checked my Twitter friends page. A friend who lives in California is vacationing on the East Coast. She mentioned that thunderstorms were in the forecast, and said she hoped one would happen, because that was something she missed on this coast.

I replied that we had some good storms on this side of the continent, but that I hoped any storms would stay away from me since I needed to go shopping.

Several hours later, I posted again, saying that I was home and that any storms that pleased to do so could come with no complaint from me.

And about an hour later, a storm took me up on the invitation! We are on the fringe area of sub-tropical storm Andrea, parked off the Georgia coast announcing the early start of hurricane season. Apparently our little slice of the storm got enough energy to make its presence known. No complaint from me.

I hope my friend, who is several states north of here, got what she wanted, too. Andrea may not have gone to visit, but there are no doubt some stormy cousins out playing.

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