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March 2007

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Mini-rant and News - March 31

To anyone fundraising for anything: trying to guilt-trip me into sending you a donation will not work. Telling me that you need money (and for what purpose) may, if I happen to have extra. But the moment you try to turn it into something I "ought" to do, you lose.

This mini-rant brought to you by someone who has gotten a few too many invitations to guilt trips this very week!

Off that and on to some news. I found out tonight that an old friend had died. She's someone I worked with at Non-Profit Agency #2, and I hadn't seen her in several years. She had moved to the coast, and died there last week.

I am glad I knew her, and I know she'll be missed. And I'm sorry for the loss to her family, especially the young grandson who won't have the fun of knowing her. She loved children, whether or not they were hers. And they could tell. The guestbook at the funeral home's site was pretty much filled by grown-up kids she helped mother.

One thing that favorably impressed me about that site is that the guestbook comments are screened. This pretty much guarantees that comment spammers won't be able bother the survivors.

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