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March 2007

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Notice - March 29

I had one of those experiences today that I didn't particularly need to have. I got the mail, and in this batch was an envelope marked "second notice."

I didn't think I had failed to pay a bill, but of course that's the first thing that ran through my mind. And the return address wasn't much help as I glanced at it.

Knowing that if I hurried I could send a payment out this afternoon, I headed back to my apartment, opening the envelope as I walked.

And got totally pissed off when I saw that it was a letter from a company reminding me they had sent an offer of some (unwanted) family plan or another on cell phones.

I didn't owe then a damned thing, including any explanation as to why I had thrown away their first "notice."

Needless to say, I tossed notice the second, also, but not before I ripped it to small, small shreds.

I hate bad marketing.

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