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March 2007

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Yarn - March 28

I have a request from someone to make a handbag that's a slightly different size from the ones I usually make. And the potential customer wants a color that isn't in my usual yarn's range. Based on those two things, I said it would take me a couple of days to work out the price.

So I've spent part of today searching for an alternate yarn. That took a little more time than I had thought it would, but I think it was time well spent. I haven't had reason to check out different yarn manufacturers in a while, and it was good to read the descriptions of what they are selling.

One thing I particularly enjoy about doing this sort of shopping is that you can get recommendations from members of various crafting communities online before you ever spend a cent. I didn't even have to pose a question...I just checked the list of things already discussed and read the answers I needed.

Of course, if the potential customer decides against ordering the bag, I'll not be ordering the yarn. But it's good information to have, anyway.

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