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March 2007

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Happy - March 21

Happy first full day of spring!

For me, happy first full day this work week without a power outage. Since we had them both Monday and Tuesday mornings, I was thinking we might well have another. But apparently the Tuesday repair did the trick. That pleased me, but I must admit I was a little startled that the power didn't go out today.

I didn't let my startled state keep me from doing what I had planned. Although I ordinarily avoid grocery shopping on Wednesdays, since that's the day the specials change and the store is usually very crowded, this week that worked out to be the best day. And I got lucky...I got there at a quieter time, and before the shelves had been stripped bare. Yes, it happens even when there isn't a threat of snow.

Walking back home, I looked at all the flowers that had started to bloom since I had walked by last week. That's one of the best things about the walk...getting to see the different yards and how they change over the seasons. Since spring is my favorite, I'm always happy to see its crop of new life.

After dinner I wrote to a woman who had written to ask me about doing a repair on a crocheted afghan. I've spent some time looking at the pictures she sent, and to the best of my knowledge (modesty aside, I have a lot of knowledge), what needs doing is a small darning job. Now I could do it for her, but I suspect she can do it herself. I told her my suggestion, and I'm glad to be able to save her some money.

So it's been a full, good day.

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