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March 2007

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Transcribed - March 20

I was going to get up this morning and write an entry about the power being out for several hours yesterday---only it was out again. As I start (hand)writing this, it's been out over two hours.

Today's outage seems to be extremely local. I saw two men in power company uniforms working on the big box that serves my building when I went outside a few minutes ago. I decided, for the moment anyway, to let them work without my asking what was wrong.

At least today it's warmer. Yesterday's almost three hours with no heat left the apartment and me slightly chilly. Today it's quite a bit warmer.

Today's problem is likely to be food. Nearly everything in the place at the moment needs cooking in order to be other than "ingredients." I'm not likely by any means to starve, but it is annoying. If need be, I'll go elsewhere for food this afternoon.

Several hours later. The power came back on around lunchtime, so I've had a chance to have lunch and get ready for the rest of the day. I'm making plans for tomorrow, just in case we have a repeat. It's a little like planning for a hurricane, actually...plenty of food that needs no further preparation is at the top of the list!

And I have some really good news to share. The child mentioned yesterday who was missing in the mountains was found around 11:00 a.m., weak and dehydrated, but very much alive. Details here. The story will most likely be updated as the day goes on.

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