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March 2007

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Monday Things - March 19

Astute readers will notice over in the sidebar a button suggesting subscribing with Bloglines. For others, the RSS feed for this site is available:

This will not replace the notify list; it's just for those who would prefer to use RSS feeds.

Please note that the feed does not cover entries published on the domain site, but if I publish one there I'll definitely mention it in the next entry I publish here.

If you wonder why I have both the domain space and the Diaryland space, well, it's for my convenience. It's not that big a deal to add an entry on the domain space, but it's a smidge easier to do it here. But if I want to edit something, like the links page, it's a lot easier to do that on the domain space. I use that space to host pictures, and a few other text pages.

And it's truly handy if Diaryland goes down. Turns out the recent problem had to do with a domain renewal not going through completely. Some people got the error page longer than others did. I'm glad it's sorted out now.

Other things. My weekend wound up being fairly quiet. I had tentative plans to get together with a friend on Saturday, but it didn't work out for her, so we'll do it another time. I watched a little basketball, played around online, wrote to friends, did some housework, and did some work.

I've also been following news about a child lost on a camping trip in Doughton Park up in the mountains. That's an area of the state that I love, but I realize it can be dangerous. My thoughts are with him and those who search for him.

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