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Contact - March 12

I was checking the referrer stats at Rebeccaworks yesterday, and found something a little interesting. An old friend's site had directed someone to me. Probably himself, since when I followed the link back I didn't see anything linking to me at all (which is fine).

But I had been wondering how he was, and following the link was a relatively easy way to find out that he's still where I thought he was. And still as heavily into certain right-wing religious themes as ever.

I really think he's trying to find somewhere to belong. I don't mean a congregation, though that's no doubt part of it. I think he's trying to find a safe space where right is right and wrong is wrong and rearrange himself to fit into the space. I think that's sad as all hell, but I know him well enough to know that he'll have to find his own way through.

Meanwhile, I'm glad to have heard from him, even obliquely.

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