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March 2007

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The Madness Begins - March 11

I watched some college basketball this weekend, namely the ACC Men's Tournament. I do try to honor the thing of not watching when Carolina is playing (because they tend to lose when I watch), but I did see parts of games. And I watched some of the other games, those where I really didn't have that much preference, just because I like college basketball. Also, it's good background noise for doing things in the apartment.

And that Carolina won the tournament? Excellent!

One thing I noticed is that Carolina's coach, Roy Williams, is really good at dealing with questions that are either insensitive or stupid. I had seen him do that after his Kansas team lost a national tournament a few years ago and someone asked him if he were going to leave Kansas and go coach at Carolina. He told the woman that he was going to go be with his Kansas players in the locker room, leaving the question hanging and her looking about as stupid as she should have for asking it then.

And today I got to see him do it again. After the game, he was asked how this ACC Tournament win felt in comparison to winning the NCAA Championship in 2005. He just pointed out they were two different things, and he was glad for both wins.

Gotta give the man credit for grace and for quick thinking.

Now, on to more rounds of Madness!

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