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March 2007

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In Brief - March 6

I've realized in the past couple of weeks that I'm getting entirely too good at doing my hermit thing. As the weather gets warmer and the daytime gets a little longer (thanks both to spring itself and the earlier time change this year), I'm going to make more of an effort to de-hermit a bit.

Speaking of the time change, actually I'm kind of glad to have it a little earlier. But I'm really happier that it's going to be extended a little later in the fall.

Changing the subject, here's a link to The Hunger Site. I've gotten back in the habit of going there each day, and thought I'd include the link in case anyone needed it.

Playing - March 5

I went out the other afternoon to do a chore. When I stepped out onto the porch, there was a little girl riding a tiny bike. We exchanged greetings. I saw her bike-less playmate a few steps down the porch, and we exchanged smiles. Then I went on to do my chore.

A few minutes later I came back. The two little girls were still near my door, and greeted me. I headed into my apartment, and the bike-less one started to come with me.

I looked down at her and told her she couldn't come in. I pointed out to her that her mother wouldn't know where she was. That did the trick, and she took her foot off my door sill. She headed back to her friend, after saying goodbye to me. I heard them playing for probably another hour.

The next day there was another play session for them. When I went outside, the two little girls were down at the other end of the porch, but I could tell that they had been down at my end...there were a pair of the mother's sandals close to my bedroom window.

It brought back a lot of fun memories, and made me smile. I loved playing with my mother's shoes when I was that age.

I hope the little girls are enjoying their games as much as I am. And that when they're bigger girls, like me, there will be little ones around to remind them of all sorts of fun things.

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