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March 2007

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Several Things - March 1

Tonight I was sitting here listening to the rain, and watching a local meteorologist on television talking about how bad a coming storm could get. He had the whole radar panel up, but I couldn't quite make sense out of it. So I did what I suspect any geek might do: I went to the station website and looked at the maps for myself. It was easier to follow along that way.

I've had a computer at home for around ten years, and home Internet access a few months less than that (I didn't know what I was missing). It amazes me how much the Internet has replaced things in my life, like print editions of magazines and newspapers, not to mention the occasional television weather map!

Earlier parts of the day were taken up with work and bill-paying and other normal first-of-the-month chores. It's hard for me to believe how fast this year has gone by. I am happy that it's almost spring, of course, but it was just the Winter Solstice a few minutes ago.

Tomorrow I'm going to make some time for some housework. I'm a little afraid that if I don't, the next months will fly by and I'll not start my spring cleaning until the fall.

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