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February 2007

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Perhaps Accompanied by Bach - February 22

Someone recommended listening to this section of a Bach partita, because she thought it was beautiful. I did so, and I agree.

It reminded me that I really need to get back into a habit I used to have, of sitting in the evenings and listening to such music, letting it accompany my thoughts as I did only those two things---think and listen.

Sometimes, after a few minutes of that, I'd take up whatever I was working on (in those days, often it was a letter to a friend). The music would still be playing, the tone of the evening would be set, and it was a good way to settle in to night.

I got out of that habit for a number of reasons, but I'm thinking now is a good time to take it up again.

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. For those who would like to read them, my friend Archbishop Francis-Maria Salvato is once again presenting a series of Lenten meditations. They may be found at The Spiritus Project, starting here.

In the time I've been reading his writings, spiritual and otherwise, I have noticed that he often gives me a fresh way to look at a subject. I like that, a lot.

For the curious, no, I don't give up anything for Lent. I see it as a season for contemplation, and try to do some of that. Perhaps it will be accompanied this year by Bach.

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