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February 2007

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The Universe has Fun - February 17

Some days you just know the universe is having fun. Back in November, I used my birthday money to order a book that a friend had recommended. The order confirmation from the publisher asked me to allow a bit of time, then there was some nonsense with the local Post Office and a package notice/redeliver attempt. And the book never came.

So finally I wrote to the publisher again, giving them all the information from the order confirmation, and told them I thought the book might have been returned to them. I asked that if it were the case, they let me know and I'd be happy to pay for re-shipping, preferably by a different method.

Heard zilch from them. I was assuming this meant my copy had not been returned to them and was either stolen or lost. I was planning to swallow the loss of the money, but all the same I thought they could have answered the e-mail message I had sent. Manners, y'know.

I hadn't mentioned the trouble getting the book to my friend who had recommended it. Actually, I hadn't told him I was getting it...I figured I'd read it then we could talk about it. And I was planning to reorder it, at some point.

Well, as it happens, yesterday was that friend's birthday.

And you guessed it, the book showed up. With no further action on my part, and by priority mail for which I was not asked to pay.

I'm thinking the universe had a lot of fun on that one. And yes, I have told my friend about this. I figured we should both enjoy the joke.

Off now to read the book. I'll let you know how I like it.

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