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February 2007

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Friday Thoughts - February 16

Former Speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives Jim Black has entered a guilty plea to charges that he committed certain crimes just this side of bribery. And it makes me sad.

It bothers me, of course, that he accepted money. It bothers me that he was offered money in exchange for his influence on legislation involving chiropractors. The whole situation is sad.

Dr. Black will be castigated, perhaps more than deserved, by plenty of people. I don't feel a need to join them.

That previous paragraph is the tip of an iceberg for me, about comments by and about public figures. I need to do some more thinking on it before I can put the rest of the iceberg into words.

Changing the subject, I'm glad we're heading into a holiday weekend that doesn't have the emotional impact --- positive or negative --- of Valentine's Day.

I think everyone who had snow and ice this week deserves a spare day to finish thawing out, and the rest of the country deserves a day off, too. Or if not off (I know plenty of people will have to work on Monday), at least a day when there is slightly less traffic and things are perhaps a bit less hectic.

And I'm definitely in favor of less hectic!

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