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February 2007

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An Old Story - February 2

One of my favorite stories about my mother and a good friend of ours...

Mother and our friend, Bob, were both faculty in the Language Department of the local high school. One afternoon, after the last class of the day, Bob walked into my mother's classroom carrying a case that looked suspiciously like a suitcase.

Mother looked at him, noticed the case, and asked what was on his mind. Bob, realizing he had the perfect opportunity, started telling my mother quite a tale of woe.

He said that he and his housemates had had a terrible argument, and that he needed a place to stay while he looked for a new apartment. He went on to say that he knew Mother had a guest room, and wondered if he could come and stay awhile. After all, as he put it, she lived close to the school and he could save money on gasoline, etc. He mentioned that he wouldn't be bringing much, that he'd just need a few clothes and toiletries.

Mother was caught between wanting to help a friend in need and realizing that it would be fast gossip if she were to invite him to come stay with her, since the house was indeed quite close to the school and everyone in town knew she lived alone. So she blurted out something about trying to help him but not thinking his idea would be appropriate.

Whereupon Bob took pity on her and told her the truth. No fight with housemates, no need to move anywhere, and by the way, the suitcase-looking thing? Was the Language Department's brand-new tape recorder.

Once they had quit laughing, he showed her how to set up the new machine.

And the story remained one of her favorites.

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