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January 2007

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Shopping Day - January 31

Tuesday became shopping day this week since we're expecting some variety of frozen precipitation on Thursday, and from living here a long time I can tell you that Wednesday (when the store specials change) is not a good day to go shopping unless you really want to get trampled.

On the way to the shopping, I wound up having a conversation with my neighbors about the bus schedules, among other things. We were going in different directions, and she had less lag time between buses than I did. I hope she made her bus...she was to be a guest at a very special basketball game, a part of Special Olympics. I've seen her a few times on the bus, but this is the first time that space and time allowed us to talk. I really enjoyed it, and hope we can chat again soon.

Shopping was good. I hit a point where the stores weren't too busy, and got everything I wanted. I walked home, taking a little longer than usual, but it was such a pretty day I was enjoying the walk. Most of the time I'm alone walking, so I use the time to do a version of meditating/praying/pondering, without trying to focus my thoughts. That leaves room for noticing new paint on houses I pass, plants in bloom, and anything else that catches my eye.

With the errand behind me, I came home to put things away and have dinner. After that, I settled in to work on my crocheting some more, till I got too sleepy to go further. At that point, I went to bed.

Today will be more of the crocheting, along with whatever else comes along.

If it needs to snow or sleet or whatever tomorrow, I'm ready. Except, you know, I hate that stuff and really want some spring.

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