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January 2007

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Excitements - January 29

Today's early excitement was realizing that I absolutely had to get to the mailbox to mail a bill payment. So I piled on several layers of clothes and a heavy coat and headed out into the cold. I know it's colder other places than it is here, but it was cold enough.

When I got through with that, I came back and gathered up the things that needed to go to the garbage dumpster. It would have been a shame to waste the putting on of the heavy clothes on just one short venture outdoors.

But two ventures out were enough. I came back inside, took off the heavy coat and extra clothes, and curled up with my crocheting.

After a while, I was actually warm.

Later in the day was a little more excitement, this one dealt with without needing to go anywhere. I had occasion to stop someone using one of my pictures. The person had put together in a journal entry a list of Christmas gifts to give fictional characters, complete with pictures. One of those pictures was of my snowflake blanket. Only the person didn't bother to link to my site or ask permission to use the picture (which, for a link, I would have been glad to grant).

Because I don't particularly need a fight I didn't make a big deal of it. I merely renamed the picture for my own purposes and left the thief with a pretty little empty space.

I'm glad I could stay inside to accomplish that one.

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