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January 2007

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Warming the Inside - January 26

I've been doing a little temporary extra insulating in my apartment, since this isn't the warmest place on earth right now. The need for the extra is that the next-door apartment is empty and there's no heat in it. I wouldn't mind sharing between walls if there was a human who needed the warmth, but I don't feel so generous as to want to heat the carpets and cabinets.

Other spaces are dealt with by furniture, for the most part. The main place I notice the chill is in the bedroom, specifically in the corner of the room that's both next to the other apartment and the outside wall. So for the moment, all the plastic bags that I haven't taken to recycle yet are smooshed into two bags and stuffed behind the furniture in that corner. And it really does make a difference.

Notice I said it was behind furniture. That means I don't need to worry about how it looks to have two bags-of-bags protecting me from the big, bad cold. But if I were planning to use this trick in a space that would be visible, I'd just make a variation of floor pillows by putting the bags into some sort of pillowcase.

There's your household hint for the day!

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