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January 2007

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Unanswered Questions - January 25

I just got asked to help with someone's homework. It wasn't through the research part of my site, but was from someone identifying herself as a student and in need of information for a spreadsheet.

She asked questions about how much I charged for the various crocheted items and how I arrived at those prices. Well, the how much I charge is on the website, but how I got there is not something I plan to discuss. She also wanted a breakdown of items sold last year. Again, not something I plan to discuss.

So I wrote and said I didn't provide that information. And I wished her luck.

And yes, the possibility that she was a competitor just fishing for information did cross my mind, but my answer would have been the same no matter who asked.

Most of us who do arts and crafts work have struggled to come up with prices that will not be too high for the average consumer but will also not be so low that we undervalue our work. It's a tricky thing, and we all have our own variables added to the mix.

For the record, most of us (me included) are happy to help people just getting started by sharing some of the things one setting prices needs to consider. And I for one always mention that there are variables that might make the advice not work for the newcomer.

And back to this morning's questioner, I'm still a little surprised at the nerve.

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