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January 2007

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Change - January 24

The drugstore downtown that frequently has better prices on much of what I buy than anywhere else, and is definitely a convenient place for me to shop, is closing. And I'll miss it.

It's part of a chain, and I suspect the people who work there will be able to move to other stores. But their workdays won't be the same. And neither will mine. I had gotten in the habit of going there a couple of times a week, both for the excellent prices and for the camaraderie of moments of chitchat while paying for merchandise.

It's the nature of downtown Chapel Hill to change fairly frequently, so it doesn't terribly surprise me that the store is closing. Something else will open there, after a time. I don't know what the next business to occupy the space will be, but I can hope it will be another store of the same sort, where one can buy general things.

As I said, the store is part of a chain, and there are other branches in the area. But for my own convenience, I went to the one I know best yesterday afternoon and stocked up on the (store brand) things I usually buy there, just so I won't have to worry about running out before I have a new routine worked out.

And in keeping with my recently-found attitude of dealing better with change, for which I am grateful, I'm thinking it won't be that hard to change my routine.

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