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January 2007

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Friday - January 12

The e-mail problem with the beckysays domain was still happening for me, in terms of being able to download mail. I could get to it through webmail, but I really wanted to be able to get it downloaded to my computer. I was trying to be patient, assuming they were still working on a repair and that my mail would download again any century now.

Mail downloading would have been my clue that the server repair had succeeded, of course.

I went to the host's site tonight to check on any updates regarding the ailing mail server, only to find out they have changed something about the way we're to get mail. I will tell you that I think it's unconscionable that they didn't tell customers. I only found out because I went poking around in system status news from several days back.

So the mail is now safely in my inbox. And I will deal with them next week when their office is open again. You may assume that I will be telling them how shoddy I think this episode has been handled.

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