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January 2007

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Simple Comments - January 9

I know that it can be tricky, when talking about things church, to mention the similarities and differences among denominations without getting into terms that are close to if not exactly "us versus them." That said, please note that the following simple comments are not in any way intended to do that.

With respect to Christianity, some might not know that not all Protestants are the same. Neither are all Catholics Roman Catholic.

Speaking specifically of that which I know best: Protestants come with a variety of denominational affiliations, a variety of understandings of the Holy Eucharist, and a variety of worship practices. And within some Protestant denominations, there are a variety of branches, some more conservative, some more liberal, both in things pertaining specifically to the church and in politics.

Please keep these things in mind. And for information on any denomination or any of the world's religions, a good starting point is your favorite search engine.

You might be completely surprised at the amount of common ground.

For some insight, go read this beautiful commentary.

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