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January 2007

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Odds and Ends - January 7

I'm apparently playing notice-tag with the Post Office about a package. They offered to redeliver, I said please do, and that it's fine to leave it on the porch if I'm not available, but instead of a package I got another notice, threatening to return the package to the sender if I didn't tell them what to do about it.

With crossed fingers (and some tape) I attached the notice, reply-side out, to the mail kiosk door. I hope that one does the trick. The package doesn't need a signature or anything else from me, so I don't really want to have to make the fairly lengthy trip out to the Post Office to get it.

I think it's something I ordered. But in case it isn't that item, and I owe someone a thank-you, this is why I haven't expressed any gratitude!

Today, not because I thought the package would miraculously appear on a Sunday but because I really want to maintain my new habit of at least going outside even if I don't go anywhere, I walked out onto my front porch. So far, so good.

But I wasn't thinking terribly much about what it would mean to me that it was a cool, rainy afternoon instead of the balmy days we've had recently. Which means I wandered out there barefooted.

Needless to say, I didn't linger. And yes, thanks, my feet are warm now.

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