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January 2007

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Epiphanies - January 6

This entry is from two years ago. It's been on my mind, and I can't think of anything else I'd rather say tonight.

To the Christians, Epiphany is the day when the Magi made it all the way to the endpoint of their journey and saw the baby Jesus, realizing Him to be the Christ.

But the secular meaning of the word, "epiphany," is where my head is this day. That would be the "sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something," according to The American Heritage Dictionary.

A moment when the light comes on bright enough that you can see the truth.

I like epiphanies. I like realizing something is true. Yes, sometimes that truth is ugly to behold and painful to bear. But in the end, knowledge really is power, and even the ugliest of truths holds the blessing of knowledge in its grasp. So let it be that a light shines in the darkness, even if the light illuminates an ugly truth.

Ah, but remember those times when the truth's beauty is magnificent. Those moments, for example, when the answer to a perplexing question comes out of the shadows. Those moments when you realize beyond any shadow of doubt that someone loves you. Those moments when fear is cast aside and hope triumphantly takes charge. Those moments when the light that has shone takes away the weight of the darkness, leaving joy.

As the new year unfolds, I hope we all have the talents and tools to deal with the truths our epiphanies bring to light, the ugly and the beautiful ones.

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