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October 2006

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Miscellaneous - October 27

There were some interesting responses to the last entry. Apparently quite a few of us are familiar with the notion of mazes made of excess paper.

Perhaps we should pool our resources and charge people to walk through the stacks!

I've come to another of those points where I need to do some serious decluttering. I knew that anyway, but the point got proved yesterday when I couldn't find something.

Since it's supposed to rain this evening and part of Saturday, I'll have plenty of time to stay in and sort, if I choose. And maybe I'll even find the thing I couldn't find yesterday.

I'm sorry I seem to be out of much to say right now. Rather than go on about the clutter, I'll suggest you go have some fun. Recently, I've gotten back into playing Snood. It's still as addictive a game as ever.

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