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October 2006

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A Shopping Tale - October 18

I have not had reason to go to the local mall in a while now. Like all this year a while. And in most of my prior trips, I had not used the mall's main entrance.

Today I used that entrance. I got to the main intersecting hallway, and headed to the store I wanted to enter. So far, so good.

Only the store wasn't there. I looked a little further down that hall, then gave up. I thought I must have missed a "going out of business" announcement. I was sure the business was gone and the store space rented to another tenant or several.

This made me sad. I loved that store. It had long been my favorite place to buy certain things, for the quality and the prices. I hated that the employees were out of jobs. I hated that the community would be minus the store.

And as I walked back up the hallway, I wondered where I would find another store that could even partly fill my needs.

Well, I didn't have to look too long or too hard. Turns out the store was just where it had been all these years I've been its customer. It was open and welcoming, and after a moment to laugh at my own sheer stupidity of heading the wrong direction in the hallway and missing it completely, I went in.

I found what I wanted, then walked slowly to the register, going down the familiar aisles and being glad they were still there.

And yes, I did make careful note of the path from the store to the main mall entrance.

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