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October 2006

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Sunshine and Music - October 16

First, a little business. There is a notify list available for "Becky Says...," and you're all welcome to sign up for it. My notify messages tend to be bare-bones, with the occasional comment to the locals if I've mentioned something like a street closing.

Information regarding sign-up can be found on the notify page, or to save time, click the e-mail link in the sidebar and tell me to add you to the list.

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This, thanks to pretty sunshine and a realization that a lot of the stress is gone from my life, has been a lovely day. I went out and ran errands, and found lots of people in good moods. Perhaps we were feeding from (and into) a collective good-mood pool. Whatever the reason, it was delightful.

One of the things contributing to the delight was a street musician. He was playing bluegrass fiddle music, and those of his audience who were so inclined were putting donations in his violin case.

He was quite good at his art, and I overheard him saying that he had been fortunate enough a few days ago to make a hundred dollars in such tips. This is apparently a sideline for him, otherwise I'm fairly sure I would have seen him more often.

A few years back, there was an often-heard woodwind player on the street. I don't remember all the instruments he played, but I do remember saxophone and flute. He said, when asked, that he played to raise money for his church.

The music he played was definitely not church music, but that doesn't mean his story wasn't true.

He may just have been living out the Psalmist's direction about making a joyful noise.

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