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October 2006

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Monochrome - October 15

It had been a long time since I'd seen that many people wearing Carolina blue.

When I went to run errands Saturday afternoon, I knew from having looked at a local news website that the Carolina game was moments away from ending. What I missed was that it was a home game. I thought there would be a lot of traffic in Florida. Nope, it was in Chapel Hill.

My first clue that it had been a home game was when the bus was late. A man waiting for the same bus told me he thought the post-game traffic was responsible. He went on to say that he had been out earlier in the day and seen the pre-game flurry, so I took his word for the game's location.

By the time I got downtown, it was clear that he was right. The invasion of the Carolina blue-clad people had happened. They'd had enough time to make their way north from the stadium, and weren't letting a little thing like Carolina's losing the football game spoil their fun. Jokes were being made. Dinner plans were being made. Many, many cell phones were being utilized.

And then there was me, doing my errands dressed in the wrong blue. That's right, I was dressed in just plain navy, without so much as my class ring to identify me as one on the home side.

I'm making a note to myself to (at the very least) wear my class ring on any future Saturday shopping trips for the rest of football season. Or to check the schedule more carefully, whichever is easier.

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