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October 2006

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Thursday - October 5

We're getting ready for some heavy-duty rain, so I went shopping this afternoon. I don't mind being out in the rain if need be, but it's just so much easier not dealing with groceries and an umbrella.

One of the things I love about living in this area is the amount of free stuff to read. Every weekday during the semesters there is The Daily Tar Heel, Carolina's newspaper.

Once a week, there's a new issue of The Independent, the area's alternative newspaper. I read those two every chance I get, and usually take advantage of the print editions though they're available online.

There are others I read less frequently, like Carolina Woman, published monthly. Today I wound up with copies of all three in my handbag. I did just enough reading while riding home on the bus to get an idea of each one's contents. Lots of good stuff.

Sounds like I have my late-night reading plans already made.

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