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October 2006

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Poodles - October 3

There were two of them, with two different human companions at two different points this afternoon. And they were two different sizes.

What they had in common was that they were both white and both taking walks in downtown Chapel Hill this afternoon.

The first of them was the smaller of the two. I almost didn't see her, and in fact only did see her because the woman at the other end of the lead slowed down going down the sidewalk and I looked to see what was causing the traffic jam.

This little cutie had attitude. Not the "I'm pampered and precious and expensive, please don't breathe on me." one, but the "I know I'm tiny and possibly in your way, but I'm cute and you really don't want to step on something this cute, do you?" one. And no, no one wanted to step on her. Instead, those of us who were observing were seen to be smiling.

The second one was a bit bigger, but still fit the category of small dog. He was intrigued with two toddler-sized children, who were intrigued with him as well. The human at the other end of his leash thought it was just fine to stop and play, so they did exactly that.

And more smiles ensued.

Unexpected pleasures of a Tuesday afternoon.

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