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July 2006

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Sunday - July 30

There are days when I think I need to hire myself to organize my lists and my life. Today is one such day. I realized that when I had run errands on Friday I hadn't put quite enough thought into the list. I had the items but hadn't taken into account quantity.

And today it was just too hot and I was just too lazy to want to head out shopping. Tomorrow will be just fine.

Instead of going anywhere today, I housecleaned a bit, rested some, read a good bit, did a lot of thinking, and drank lots of ice water. Just the things to do on a day when staying inside and enjoying the cool were important.

An Oldie - July 29

A friend, in commenting on the prior entry, reminded me of one of my favorite entries from a few years back.

In it, I wrote what I'd like to send to some relatives and friends who were, at the time, sending religious and friend messages (you know---the ones where you're told how wonderful you are and you should please forward the message on to ten wonderful people in your lives).

I don't have much that needs saying tonight, so I thought I'd give the link to that entry, in case you missed it or wanted to reread. So, it's here.

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