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July 2006

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Lost and Found - July 26

Today I had to get a watch battery, and in the process of checking the number on the old one I realized I have misplaced one of my pairs of reading glasses. I have the awful feeling that I've landed them somewhere in my bedroom in a pile of things. This is awful because I may have to actually clean my room.

Alternately, I could just go with the other two pairs. I have so many pairs not because I really need them, but because I want them handy. I got them a few years back at the local dollar store.

This particular pair has blue frames. And yes, that is why I bought them, instead of another pair of that magnification strength.

I wouldn't necessarily want blue frames for my everyday glasses, because I sort of prefer my frames to make a quieter statement, but for something I only wear occasionally (and almost always for handwork rather than reading), a pair of electric blue frames is just fine.

Okay, all is well...I remembered while writing that last paragraph that the glasses were in my living room, where I had been working on a repair project. I just looked, and sure enough they were there. They have now been brought back to their real home, here in the bedroom.

The other two pairs? One lives in my handbag and the other on my desk. Both pairs are the kind with a hinge in the bridge, so they fold up quite small and fit into little cases. For the record, one pair has gold frames and the other has black.

And in case you're wondering, my regular glasses (brown frames) are perched on my face.

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