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June 2006

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Reprieve - June 29

Sometimes I love being wrong. I had meant to pay my power bill (which I prefer to pay by mail) on Monday, because I was pretty sure it was due Friday. And on Monday I forgot, but I remembered last night.

I was just on the verge of making plans to go to the company's local office this morning to make sure the payment arrived on time, when I looked at the bill's due date.

Which is one day next week. That means a mailed payment will get there in plenty of time, and I'm ready to drop it in the outgoing mail when I go out today.

I usually remember when regular bills are due, and thought this was a new time, so I checked last month's bill stub. I had remembered right, last month the payment was due the last day of the month.

I'm glad the company decided to give me (and anyone else who forgot to mail the payment already) a few more days.

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