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June 2006

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Update - June 25

In the further adventures of Becky, I've managed to sprain an ankle getting off the bus, meet some really great people in Chapel Hill, remember how much I love non-profit work, and rethink some decisions.

Actually, all those things happened in about a week. I'm not planning to talk much yet about the things in the above paragraph, except the sprained ankle.

I was running an errand last Saturday (June 17), and when I got off the bus I landed wrong on my left foot. My ankle twisted, and in that split second one has to decide such things, I decided it would be better to go down gently on my knees than twist the ankle further and probably fall.

So I did that. And I found myself kneeling at the base of a tree on Columbia Street in Chapel Hill. I knew I needed some help getting back on my feet, since the left knee was the one injured when I fainted earlier this month and landing on it reopened the wound. So I looked around to see who was available. I was, incidentally, neatly dressed and clean except where there was pine straw on my slacks.

A man walked by me rapidly, then looked back at me with such disdain that I was stunned. I'm sure he thought I was high on something, and was hurrying to get away before I could taint him. I hope someday he goes through something similar so he's led to think what his facial expression did to me.

Mercifully, there was a college student who saw that it was just a person in distress, not to be feared but to be helped, and when he offered help, I was grateful and back on my feet in no time. Then I was a little afraid my ankle would cave on the way across the street, so I explained my plight to two young men who were going my way. One of them took my hand and delivered me to the opposite corner without a pause.

I got home (no streets to cross, but I did need a little help getting on the bus). and decided that resting most of the remainder of the weekend was my best bet. So I did just that. And a week later, I'm walking with hardly a limp.

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