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June 2006

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Do-Over - June 9

I haven't been on any antibiotic in a very long time. I had no way of knowing how the one I was taking this time would make me feel, but I can tell you now that the treatment course is over, it made me feel lousy. And no, not in an intestinal way.

The damage to my chin from the fall has left me with some swelling and thus some weirdness in speech. No, I'm sure this isn't a stroke or anything of the sort. I know and am using the words I want. I just sound funny.

I think what I really need is a do-over of June. This one has not been going well.

Thursday - June 8

Not much to say today. I have been dealing with antibiotic blahs and feeling weak and lousy much of the day. The one thing I'm doing really well is sleeping!

You should see my hands. Or not. Between the scraped places from the fall, and the bruises from that and all the IV sticks, you'd think I was coming out of a fight. Hmm. On some level, you'd be right.

I have some friends and acquaintances going through some particularly rough times just now. Please join me in asking the universe to be kind.

And as always, I appreciate your good thoughts and prayers for me.

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