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June 2006

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Adventure, the Wednesday Edition - June 7

My thanks to all who have written to me about yesterday's entry. I'm in the process of replying to the wonderful messages. And I'm doing pretty well today, except for a lot of soreness.

The adventure today did take me back to the hospital, but this time to the outpatient pharmacy to get the rest of the antibiotic prescription filled. And that wound up bringing me an unexpected treat.

I had to do a bit of paperwork to get myself into the pharmacy billing system before I could submit the prescription. Once that was done, I got to see a pharmacist, and it turned out that the pharmacist was an old friend.

There were a group of us who used to eat lunch together at a drugstore lunch counter downtown. This pharmacist had at one time owned the store, but had sold it in order to put more of his energy into a different business. But he still came there every day to eat lunch, and was occasionally the fill-in pharmacist for the current owner.

Over the years we in the lunch group all scattered because our jobs changed, and it had been several years since I had seen this man. But when we saw each other today, we had old home week and got caught up on the adventures that had brought each of us to this particular pharmacy counter.

We also had fun trying to read the signature on the prescription, since the doctor who wrote it apparently took seriously the notion that physicians were supposed to have poor handwriting, and I had only met with him briefly. It took two pharmacists, two computer terminals, and me to finally sort it out, but we got it without having to physically track him down!

When the prescription was ready, my friend and I exchanged good wishes and I left a business card with him, just in case. Gotta do the networking wherever it may be done, right?

And on the way home I stopped at my friend M.'s apartment to pick up the bag she had rescued when I fainted Monday. I managed to get home from her apartment without incident.

There are some funny bits of this adventure that I promise to share soon, including efforts at adhesive tape removal. Stay tuned!

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