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June 2006

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Adventure - June 6

I'm just back from an adventure of sorts. Monday afternoon I was heading downtown to get a couple of things I can get cheaper at the drugstore there than at the grocery store.

On my way back, I stopped to visit with my friend M., who lives two buildings down from me in the complex. We were on the sidewalk, so her boys and their friends could still play outside while we watched and chatted and smoked a cigarette.

After we had talked a few minutes, I realized I was getting very hungry, so much so that I was getting a little dizzy. I said I was going to head home. M. turned to deal with one of the boys, and I took a step in the direction of my apartment.

Cutting this short, I fainted. I landed on the curb on my chin. I managed to scrape and bruise fingers and knuckles on both hands and scrape my left knee. And I spent a night at the local hospital, to make sure the only reason I fainted was being hungry and smoking when I really shouldn't have. Oh, and let's not forget stress.

The good news is that I don't have any cardiovascular problems. And my blood sugar is just fine. By the way, I have really good muscle tone. I got a tetanus shot. The tiny smidge of bad news is I do have a minor urinary tract infection, but antibiotics will knock that right out.

Also good news is that my friendship with M. and those in her life has grown. I had four visitors last night, M., her children, and her boyfriend. She told a slight fib and announced I was her aunt, in order to get the children in to see me. She knew they'd want to help cheer me up, and she was right.

That many hugs and that much love coming at me was definitely good medicine. The same quartet collected me from the hospital and brought me home tonight. It's been a long time since I was close to anyone in this complex, and this is just lovely for me.

The worse news is that I'm now even more in debt than ever. It's possible that the hospital will forgive most or all of the bill. But I still have other bills, and I need some work that is not crocheting for a bit---my hands are not in any shape, plus anything that touches the places where the knuckles are scraped hurts like hell and runs the risk of getting bleeding started again. And while I can wash blood out of yarn, it's not the best plan!

Anyone in need of my business services is strongly encouraged (that's the fancy word for "begged," in this instance) to hire me right now. Or if you really want something crocheted or repaired, hire that by way of a gift certificate. I'm not kidding, folks, I really need some help here. I'd rather earn it, but if you just want to donate money, I'm definitely happy to accept.

By all means send any ads you know of for legitimate work-at-home things.

And last but never least, prayers and good thoughts are definitely welcome.

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