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May 2006

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Noise Control - May 21

About every second Sunday afternoon this spring, since during the college basketball tournaments, there has been music coming from one of the upstairs apartments. I'm fairly sure one of two things is going on.

Either it's my upstairs neighbor playing music in one room and dancing in another, or its a neighbor of hers providing the music and she thinks it's mine and is stomping around to get me to turn the volume down. In either case, it's not a whole lot of fun to be below the noise.

We have a little system that works, though---if I open my front door and then close it a few moments later (no slamming needed), she gets the hint. The music is still on, but the dancing/stomping is no longer directly over my head.

So today I had the displeasure of her performance again. I hope for her sake that she was stomping deliberately. Let's just say if she wasn't, I pity anyone with whom she ever dances.

Other than that foray into noise-control, I've spend the rest of the day doing as little as possible. Last week was a tiring one, and I decided I needed a relaxed day. Heavy-footed interlude notwithstanding, I had just that.

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