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May 2006

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Work Stuff - May 18

Recently I got a link exchange request for the Rebeccaworks site, from When I went to look at the site, I knew that I'd have to link to it because the clocks are so wonderful. I've always really liked out-of-the-ordinary clocks.

Then I found another reason I absolutely had to link to this site. The owner has included a crochet and point lace section. I loved what she had to say about why that is: her mother does this work. And of all the reasons I've ever seen for including a totally different product on a site, that has to be the best.

By the way, her mother does lovely work.

Most of yesterday was devoted to web things for one reason or another. I spent some online time looking at pictures of a possible repair project, and got some information on another possible thing to add to the freelance list (more on that after I learn enough to know what I'm talking about).

I'm thinking it's really good that I call myself "Rebecca of Many Trades."

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