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May 2006

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Coping - May 16

My thoughts this early morning are with my friends in New England. I hope and pray that they are safe in this time of flooding. And it strikes me that section of the country could really use the help of the National Guard.

The people affected by the flooding will have to deal with changes in their lives, either for a relatively brief time while things dry and repairs are done, or for a longer period if they have to move elsewhere. Because I am dealing with changes in my life just now, I am perhaps more focused on the disruption of "normal" than I might otherwise be.

And I wish them (and me) much success in coping with the changes.

I want to take a little space here to thank all of you who have responded to my needs for donations or freelance work. Your support is a huge help at a time when jobs are apparently in hiding.

I have begun to wonder if people who place ads for workers or put "help wanted" signs in windows are perpetrators of cruel jokes. I am not the only person who has had the experience of waiting weeks or months to hear from a prospective employer to whom an application has been sent. And that's frustrating and scary.

I like best those job ads in which the prospective employers note the date for the end of application acceptance, with a projected date for the interview process to begin and yet another for the job itself. That information at least lets you know when to start hoping for a good outcome.

This morning I hope for all of us, flooded, job-hunting, or whatever our circumstance, the grace to deal with the frustrating and scary. And for a good outcome.

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