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May 2006

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Quiet Day - May 9

You'd think after living through a whole day since I last wrote something here, I'd have something interesting to post. Well, not terribly.

I spent almost all of yesterday working on the project I wrote of, then took a few minutes to run an errand. One of the good things about doing freelance work is the freedom to stop and go shopping when you realize you forgot to buy peanut butter.

And this morning I'm doing the last checking of that project, to make sure there aren't any more places to weave threads or any spots where I missed doing something, then I'm planning to pack it up to send back to the owner.

In between all that, I've eaten, read, watched television, and slept.

In other words, a nice, normal, fairly quiet day. And I'm getting the feeling this one will turn out to be very similar.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Time for another sale at Rebeccaworks. I'll offer ten percent off all custom crochet orders through next Sunday, to celebrate Mother's Day and this month's round of graduates. How about a nice afghan for your mom? Or one for your favorite graduate in your choice of school colors?

And of course, I'm always happy to sell you a gift certificate, in case you aren't quite sure what the recipient wants.

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