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May 2006

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I Rock - May 2

I Rock.

Plain and simple. I do. I do excellent work, and I just plain rock.

Why am I telling you? Well, very late last night I figured out how to do a really tricky repair in a crocheted piece so that the repair wasn't so obvious. And in the cold light of day it still looked good.

Of course, it didn't dawn on me to take pictures for before and after, but I have conquered a hole in a crocheted bedspread, a hole that had taken out part of a row of crochet in its wake.

I still need to weave in the stray threads, and there are still plenty of smaller things on the spread that need attention, but the big hole is no more.

I am pleased. I needed something to go outstandingly right, and this did.

And did I mention I rock?

Monday Things - May 1

A spam subject line got truncated today, and the resulting non-word made me think for a second that the sender wanted my opinion on oboes. Turned out the word was obesity. I'm thinking oboes are more fun.

But they have some similarities, in that both can be hard to conquer.

We're having odd warm-and-not-so weather for May's first day. Early this morning it got chilly enough in my apartment that the heat came on. When I was out during the day a light jacket was sufficient. When I got home, it was time to change the jacket for a sweater. And that sweater has felt good the rest of the evening.

I've spent some time tonight tweaking some things at the Rebeccaworks site, including turning the entry about gift certificates into a page there. Do take me up on that if you like. I do excellent work and I could use the business!

And now I'm getting settled to do some more work on the heirloom bedspread I'm repairing. May is off to a good start, warm, chilly, and all.

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