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April 2006

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Gift Idea - April 30

Okay, so you've wanted to buy someone a gift handmade by yours truly.

But you're not sure if the someone wants a large, medium, or small handbag, or which afghan, or whether or not the person would really rather have a baby-sized afghan of mine, since they're actually large enough to use for lap coverlets.

And oh dear, what color?

And what if the person wants an Anyday Ornament?

Or would like to arrange for something to be repaired?

Or needs a website backup or other business service?

Two words. Gift certificate.

The minimum amount for these is $25.00. There is no upper limit, and no time limit. Individual items costing less than that amount may be combined, of course, or credits will be given against future purchases.

No refunds. Transfers are permitted.

Once I've received and acknowledged your payment, I will be glad to send e-mail to your recipient, to announce the gift and to set in motion the selection process. Or, if you'd rather, you can announce your own gift and have the recipient get in touch with me.

And of course you can buy one for yourself....

Write to me to arrange purchase!

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