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April 2006

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Memories - April 28

It's funny what will trigger memories. I knew that today was the tenth anniversary of Mother's funeral. And had you asked me, I could have told you what I wore that day, because it was carefully chosen, up to and including a butterfly (resurrection symbol) pendant.

But until I was on the bus heading downtown I didn't realize I was wearing the same rings I had worn that day. I happened to catch sight of the sun glinting off the ring on my right hand, and instantly it was ten years ago.

The ring on my left hand is almost always my blue topaz. I was wearing it that day just because it was normal to wear it --- and I do love the ring.

But the rings I wear on my right hand are changed out for whatever reason, often having to do with support. Sometimes I wear a ring that happens to be a friend's birthstone, to support the friend or to remind me of the friend's support for me.

So the day of the funeral I was wearing a deliberately-chosen ring. It was a ring representing my immediate family, one I had had made for Mother a few years earlier. Two topaz stones and one pearl, because those were the birthstones in effect when we were born. Citrine and Alexandrite are quite lovely, but they are not our birthstones. And just because I knew she'd like it more, the ring was made of white gold.

I gave it to her for a birthday. I remember thinking about the day I gave it to her, and how much she enjoyed the surprise and loved the ring, when I was getting dressed for the service. I wore it that day in memory of both of my parents and to comfort myself.

And today, just because wearing it always makes me feel close to her, I wore it. When I realized the juxtaposition of the day and the rings, it brought back a lot of memories. And a little sadness. And a lot of peace.

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