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April 2006

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Ten Years - April 24

I miss my mother.

She's been dead ten years today. And that's really hard for me to believe. Ten years. One-fifth of my life, nearly.

I will once again celebrate her life by raising my cup and saying thanks.

My life has changed a great deal since she died.

In some ways I'm much more confident in myself. In others, I'm not.

I'm definitely dealing better with my depression than I was then...if for no other reason than I'm now admitting it!

There are some new friends, of course, and a huge number of new experiences. This is all good.

But this is a hard year, and landmark anniversaries hitting it are making it that much harder.

So the bottom line is I miss my mother. No, make that I want my mommy. Wouldn't mind having Malcolm the dog back, too.

Mother and Malcolm

I wrote five years ago about events leading up to Mother's death, and about how I felt. If you want to read those entries, start here and go forward through the entries to the one for April 24.

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