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April 2006

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Thinking - April 22

I have a lot on my mind. Most of it is random stuff, like what I need to add to the next grocery list. And thinking while doing about the things I need to get done. Of course I'm still looking for work, either of the freelance or the more traditional variety.

Speaking of freelance work, I've realized that over the years the most consistently requested part of my freelance work has been the repair of heirloom pieces. I need to write some more about that aspect of it for the Rebeccaworks site.

In all the work I've done for people on these items, I've been asked to repair something that was priceless to the owner. And it pleases me a great deal to be able to do that. And if I do say so myself, my repair work is excellent. The goal in all these cases is that the repair be invisible. So far, I've managed to do that.

I know I've written before about button jars. But I probably haven't told you I have a collection of small bits of yarn and crochet cotton, to be used for odd repairs. It's the tiny little balls of yarn left over in most cases from embroidery projects. The collection (so to speak) has served me well over the years.

Sometimes being a packrat pays off. This is definitely one area where it does, often.

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