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April 2006

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News Items - April 20

Those who follow North Carolina news might be wondering about a couple of things...the alleged rape of a student from N.C. Central University by members of the Duke University lacrosse team, and the execution of Willie Brown, Jr., that involved equipment being used to determine whether the man was unconscious before the paralyzing drug was administered.

I have refrained from comment on the rape case. I suggest if you want to keep up with the local angle on it that you go to the area newspaper or one of the area television stations, three of which are WTVD, WRAL, and NBC17. The case is confusing and complicated, and I think that's enough to say for the moment.

As to the execution, Willie Brown, Jr., and his attorneys tried to get the courts to agree that lethal injection was cruel because the person being executed might wake up during the execution. Since I'm opposed to the death penalty completely, I wouldn't begin to argue with him. Coverage of the execution will also be found on the sites noted above.

There's not much else I want to say about that, either.

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