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April 2006

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On Maundy Thursday - April 13

This has been a contemplative day. A day to think of loved ones, past and present; a day to think of shared experiences; a day to think of future hopes and dreams.

Maundy Thursday is almost always like that for me. It is a day to think of endings and deaths of loved ones as much as it is a day to think of first Eucharists.

It is a day to wonder about the church, past and present. A day to wonder why so many denominations are so negative in their approach to what is truly supposed to be Good News.

There are a lot of atheists among my friends, people who started out believers in God but have come to believe otherwise. For some of those, the lack of belief is an outgrowth of being taught only of a punitive, petty, narrow-minded God.

And I don't wonder why they don't believe in that one. I don't, either.

The God I believe in is merciful, and looks on us with understanding and compassion.

The God I believe in is pure Love.

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