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April 2006

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Anniversary - April 12

Today would have been my parents' 54th wedding anniversary. This day, in 1952, Frank and Mary eloped to South Carolina, and I have the license to prove it.

They met when my mother worked as a secretary for my father's uncle, who was Solicitor (District Attorney) for a county court system. My father was also an attorney, fresh out of law school at the time. They got to know each other fairly well but it took them nineteen years to get to the stage where they thought it would be a fine and holy thing for them to be married.

During that interim came a little thing called World War II, during which both of them served in the Army, by the way.

At the time of their marriage, Mama was teaching school and Daddy had resumed his law practice. The only problem with that was they were in different parts of the state. So Mama finished the school year and then she and Daddy set up housekeeping in his hometown.

Mama hated the town at first, but came to love it and its people as she settled in. She spent most of the rest of her life there.

My father lived slightly past five and a half years after they were married; my mother a lot longer. I hate for both of them that their time together was not longer, but at the same time, I rejoice for them that they had the years they did.

As I write this, I'm thinking of the happy times I spent with both of them. And knowing I was (and am) a lucky child.

Happy Anniversary, folks! I love you, and am raising my coffee cup in celebration.

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